Wei Art Collections Expands Multimillion-Dollar Crypto Art Offering

Innovation Series 21, Volume 2, Mixed Medium Abstract, 8′ x 4′, 150 lbs

Brand new parts meant to retain exceptional investment potential

NEW YORK, NY, USA, May 3, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — WEI ART, among the leading contemporary creators of abstract art and cryptography, has expanded its body of contemporary abstract works that celebrate new world-changing technologies such as blockchain/digital assets and artificial intelligence. Jean Marquette’s Innovation 21 series features additional Bitcoin work to coincide with the assigned limit of never exceeding 21 million Bitcoin.

“Wei’s crypto collection, a physical creation that can be seen, touched, and displayed in the great hall of your workplace, the grand ballroom of your yacht, or any other prominent position, defines the epitome of art of digital assets,” said Jean Marquette. Wei art collections.

The grandeur of WEI ART “Crown Jewels” artworks of digital assets, such as these coins, also proves greatest in illustrating these emerging multi-trillion blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors. dollars that are currently redefining the world. financial infrastructure.

Each work in this multi-million dollar art collection will likely always retain or exceed the relative growth of cryptocurrency itself. From this multimillion-dollar collection, it makes owning a WEI ART COLLECTIONS work from the Innovation 21 series a prudent investment as it dominates on physical display by shining the essence of digital asset bitcoin art.

MicroStrategies’ Michael Saylor, Bitcoin investment billionaire Tim Draper, and Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao were all quoted as projecting that “one Bitcoin could eventually exceed $100,000 per individual coin.” The value of a work of art such as each work of the WEI ART COLLECTIONS already exceeds the value of the piece itself!

Wei Art Collections features works that celebrate the burgeoning field of cryptography through the new global blockchain digital asset technology. Owning an exclusive work from the WEI Art Collections series will also be an investment that will go down in history and appreciate over time. For more information on WEI Art Collections and how to be part of this art world innovation, please visit https:/weiartcollections.art/.

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