This Week in Local Visual Art: Celebrating Errors and Abstractions | Art, Theater & Culture


“Soft Touch” by Judith Foosaner is part of the exhibition “The Most Beautiful Mistake You Can Make” presented by Carl Cherry Center for the Arts (4th and Guadeloupe, Carmel). The exhibition also includes recent artwork by Tracey Adams, Laurel Farrin and Francie Hester and aims to highlight how random mistakes can become an artistic catalyst for an aesthetically complete work of art. In some folk art traditions, artists insert “intentional” errors into handmade textiles as a gesture toward the perfection of divinity – or, at least, the imperfection of humans. In Japan, the practice of kintsugi (gold splicing) uses errors to improve ceramics. This celebration of errors, omissions and faults in art opens Friday, June 3 at the Carl Cherry with a reception at 5 p.m. The exhibition is visible until June 25. [AP]

Visuals 06.02.22


Ralph Joachim’s specialty is large geometric abstractions. This one is called “Nocturnal Revolution” and is part of the exhibition that Joachim shares with Marilyn Kuksht entitled “Black Cosmos”, currently presented at the Gill Gallery in Pacific Grove Art Center (568 Lighthouse Ave, Pacific Grove). “I paint large combinations of geometric abstractions in acrylic on canvas that have built-in designs that wrap around the edges,” Joachim wrote. “My abstract work has evolved from fixed geometric grids and primary colors to more recent expressive abstractions incorporating circles, curves, elongated triangles and quadrilaterals with a wide palette of vibrant colors including iridescence.” The exhibition is visible until June 23. [AP]