TORONTO, March 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — FabriikX continues to enhance its unique, curatorially-focused NFT platform, launched earlier this year, with the addition of new private collections from award-winning Italian artists, Marco Biscardi. Alongside the new collection, Fabriik has launched a secondary marketplace that allows NFTs, previously purchased on FabriikX, toRead More →

Museums are important, but what happens outside the museum probably matters much more. Art for the people, by the people, where the people are, is the Guiding force of now. The fourth edition of the Chicago Architecture Biennale, “The Available City”, recognized this by dispersing its interventions throughout the city,Read More →

WINNIPEG- Indigenous knowledge keepers help the Winnipeg Art Gallery-Qaumajuq rename works of art that have been given inappropriate titles. Julia Lafrenière, Indigenous Initiatives Manager at WAG-Qaumajuq, worked with researchers and Indigenous knowledge keepers to identify 57 gallery works that need a name change. It is part of the art gallery’sRead More →

LOUISVILLE, Ky., September 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Louisville Visual Art (LVA) is thrilled to announce a new program to support from Louisville artists, curators and organizations by placing original works of art in accessible spaces in local non-profit and civic buildings. Curate Purchase Inspire (CPI) is a tremendous opportunity toRead More →

Just as James J. Lally recently announced the closure of his 35-year-old gallery in New York, the circle of antique dealers is busy. A famous London-based Asian art dealer, Roger Keverne, decided to close his Clifford Street gallery last June. All content left behind by long-established Roger Keverne Ltd isRead More →

Episode 2 of “Ms. America,” the new TV show dramatizing the battle against the Equal Rights Amendment, features a glamorous evening at the Guggenheim Museum. It’s 1972 and Gloria Steinem is launching her new magazine, Ms.. She mingle, dance and then shop talk with another leader of the women’s movement,Read More →