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The mattress factory has chosen a new executive director, and the name might be familiar to those in Pittsburgh’s arts community.

The North Side Museum of Contemporary Art has named David Oresick as its new executive director. Oresick is currently Executive Director and Chief Curator of the Silver Eye Center for Photography at Garfield.

Oresick will take up her new role on May 16, replacing current executive director Hayley Haldeman. Haldeman, who was first named the museum’s acting executive director in 2019, will step down at the end of May after a two-week transition period.

Haldeman and her family are also expecting a second child in June 2022.

“I’m incredibly excited for David to take on this role,” Haldeman said in an email to Pittsburgh City Paper. “He is the perfect person to lead the Mattress Factory through its next chapter, especially as the museum emerges from COVID-19 and a difficult transition period. He is a recognized leader in the arts and a skilled visionary, with a strong will to support our artists and our work.

Oresick brings extensive experience in the arts, including an eight-year tenure at Silver Eye, during which he “developed and executed a major strategic plan and million-dollar campaign to build and move institution from its former location in Pittsburgh’s South Side,” according to a press release. Among his many accomplishments at Silver Eye, he is credited with curating over 20 gallery exhibitions, with a focus on “supporting emerging and mid-career artists” and co-creating the Silver List, a “new model for showcasing diverse voices in photography”. ”

Prior to Silver Eye, Oresick was Director of Light Work at Syracuse University and Assistant Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago.

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Photo: Courtesy of the Mattress Factory

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“I am incredibly honored to have been chosen to lead this incredible organization,” Oresick said. “As a native Pittsburgher, the Mattress Factory is a place that has always meant so much to me and played a significant role in shaping my love for the frontier- pushing contemporary art from an early age. In my career, my passion has always been to work to help artists create new artwork and to share that artwork in a meaningful and engaging way. I can’t think of a better place to continue this work than the mattress factory.

Oresick will step into a leadership role shaped by Haldeman, who was eventually hired after longtime Mattress Factory executive director Michael Olijnyk was ousted following claims he mishandled investigations into allegations of sexual misconduct against a male employee.

A press release says that under Haldeman the museum was able to eliminate a projected budget shortfall of $375,000 and strengthen “administrative and governance measures at the staff and board level,” as well as weather the toughest days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In December 2021, the Mattress Factory completed a new strategic plan that would span 2022-2024 and reinforce “the institution’s 45-year legacy of supporting artists, with a renewed commitment to serving as a process-driven institution” .

“We’ve created and reorganized some positions, as well as removed some existing programs and roles, to focus on three main areas: artist programs, gallery engagement, and Northside relationships,” Haldeman says. . “We recognized that needs have evolved during the pandemic and our multi-year organizational restructuring, and we are very pleased to continue to offer a dynamic range of learner-centered educational and community programs.”