“Geometry” at Art Sales & Research Gallery | Visual Arts | Hudson Valley

Currently showing at Art sales and research gallery is “Geometry”, an exhibition of intriguing and incredibly detailed drawings by the late foreign artist Harold Granucci.

Giannici, who died in 2006 at the age of 90, used onboard Rapidograph pens to create visual interpretations of mathematical systems and equations. His goal with the rigorous studies was to make larger versions of these works, extending his schematic process to works that were often up to four feet tall, his drawings giving visible form to the models and calculations found in the nature, ranging from the solar system to the sunflower. crowns.

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“There is a unique beauty in each of its designs,” say the exhibit’s curators. “Using precise, intersecting lines, the drawings of the early parts of his practice were mostly done in black and white. Simplistic, clean lines allow for little distraction and just focus on the linear quality of each line and provide an optical illusion of space. Each stroke of the pen aims to specify reason and space as well as to illustrate a way of moving from point A to point B. Yet the difference between art and mathematics can vary enormously. While during his lifetime, the two methodologies of thought were intertwined, “geometry” could be seen as a turbulent way to find a complete and symmetrical order. »


“Geometry” by Harold Granucci is on view until July 16 at the Art Sales & Research gallery in Clinton Corners. See website for gallery hours and more information.