FabriikX unveils new private art collections and a resale market

– Italian artist Marco Biscardi joins the list of top designers –

FabriikX continues to expand its unique NFT platform, launched earlier this year, with the addition of a new private collection curated by award-winning Italian artist, Marco Biscardiand the introduction of a secondary resale market.

Alongside the new collection, Fabriik has launched a secondary marketplace that allows reselling NFTs, previously purchased on FabriikX. Through the secondary market, customers can buy, sell and resell NFTs directly with other collectors and get paid instantly. Plus, there are no keystrokes or transfer fees, and all data lives directly on-chain.

Marco Biscardi is an award-winning Italian painter and photographer whose works have been widely exhibited nationally, as well as in the United States, Europe and Asia. Trained at the NUCT Cinecitta studios in Rome where he first studied cinematography, he won the Italian National Prize for Contemporary Art organized by ArteMuseiRoma in 2016.

His vibrant contemporary pieces echo the great catastrophes of the past through the prism of modern contradictions. He strongly believes that NFTs can empower artists and democratize the art industry.

Marco’s collection, titled ORIGINS, features 40 unique NFTs consisting of a series of tiles, with each tile being a separate NFT. There is only one NFT of each tile available. Each tile is digitally hand painted and features paint drips creating drips, on contrasting single color backgrounds.

Marco Biscardi NFT collection

Marco: “NFTs are revolutionizing the existing business model in the art market, especially for digital art. NFTs are about to reshape the art world. They are not only changing the way art is bought and sold, but also the type of art we appreciate and the artists. With NFTs transforming the way we buy, sell and perceive art, we cannot forget art in its original context.

“Everything is driven by pure and simple art. As we move through this world of digital art, let’s reflect on what inspired us to get here in the first place. How can you represent art more than dripping paint on a flat background? With this completely digitally hand painted collection, I want to look both ahead and behind. To come full circle, I had to go back to ORIGINS.

He added: “I chose to work with FabriikX for two main reasons. They are the only platform to offer an organized marketplace, focused on digitizing high-end art. Second, they ride on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain which is much faster, more secure, and cheaper than any other blockchain. With others you can pay more in fees than you earn on NFT, but with BSV and FabriikX you can reach a large audience and be profitable.

Lior Cyngiser, Business Operations Manager for FabriikX: “We are delighted to welcome Marco Biscardi to FabriikX. He is a highly respected and established artist who fully embraced the opportunity that NFTs provide to professional artists and was looking for the kind of curated experience that only FabriikX provides.

He added: “The secondary market is an exciting extension for us as it means we are now able to offer customers the ability to resell their NFTs directly to interested buyers which has not been possible until now. “

Other artists’ NFT collections set to drop this month include the second collection of landscape paintings by Diddy Wheldon – which will arrive at FabriikX on Monday March 21, followed by Guy Holmes, Mayson Heald and Nestor Andreev, all of whom have NFTs scheduled for March 28. .

About FabriikX

FabriikX is a new type of NFT market experience. Powered by the power of the BSV blockchain, FabriikX offers exclusive content carefully curated by top creators across arts, sports, and music, as well as NFTs from the best creative minds in our community. For Fabriik, NFTs are more than just digital collectibles – they are experiences that connect collectors to the creators and communities they care about most.

Its inaugural community collection included 145 artists and 600 unique works of art.

Currently live on the platform, 538 are available for sale. And there are 145 NFTs (from 44 new artists) slated for release in March.

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