What do the port cities of Venice and Mystic in Connecticut have in common? The two share a long maritime history and world-class art. On October 15, Mystic Seaport Museum opens”Sargent, Whistler and Venetian Glass: American Artists and the Magic of Murano“, an exhibition organized by the Smithsonian American ArtRead More →

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the VLACC presents Latin expressions, a month-long series of arts events, many of which are free, presented in partnership with four of the city’s leading arts groups: the Vancouver International Film Festival; Vancouver Writers Festival; DanceHouse; and Museum of Anthropology. From October 7Read More →

Later, some of Khasi’s austere ethnic impressions can be found in the works of Benedict Skhemlang Hynñiewta, Careen Joplin Langstieh, Raphael Warjri, Thomas Mylliemumlong, Solomon Kharir, Danny Tiewdoph and some young aspiring artists. As creative artists, we have managed to convince some customers to opt for other ethnic elements inRead More →

Acclaimed VANCOUVER artist Ian Wallace has just received the $100,000 Audain Prize for Visual Arts, the province’s highest honor in the field. A leader in conceptual art, Wallace has been exhibited across Canada and internationally, known for juxtaposing monochrome abstract painting and photography. He received the Governor General’s Award inRead More →

Click to enlarge UNTIL OCT. 25CHAD “THE LITTLE COYOTE” YELLOWJOHN: MASKED CONSERVATION Check out @lil_coyote on Instagram, then check out contemporary illustrations by Chad “Little Coyote” Yellowjohn in real life. This talented young artist, from ancestral Shoshone-Bannock and Spokane lines, is the modern face of regional artRead More →

KEVIN STENT / Stuff A patron watches The Fugitive by Tony Fomison at Webbs in Wellington, part of the BNZ Art Collection. The painting sold for $1.82 million. Mark Amery is an arts editor, broadcaster and contributing arts editor for the Dominion Post. The horse ran away, the milk spilledRead More →

(Continued from last week) https://highlandpost.com/the-khasi-visual-art-tradition-10/ However, the people of the state have yet to cultivate a taste for contemporary art, and most of the elites and wealthy people refrain from promoting art and indulge in art collecting, whether for an aesthetic appreciation or for a prospective investment. There is discourseRead More →

Jim Westergard’s keen eye for detail often leans toward the eccentric, even downright bizarre, as evidenced by his woodcuts of eccentric insects and strange, contradictory people. Whatever its subject, Westergard’s art is created with an extraordinary level of technical skill. This can, perhaps, be more widely appreciated when weirdness isRead More →

Although the visual arts tradition is barely visible in folk objects except for the limited designs of weaving and basketry, the emergence of European art through British colonial administrators and Christian churches , especially the Roman Catholic Church, greatly influenced some budding artists. time. Chief among them are Antony CantonRead More →

“Golden”, Carlyle Wolfe Lee Iyouit’s not technically fall yet, but the kids are back in school, there are orange frosted pumpkin sugar cookies at Kroger, Bass Pro Shops are already almost done with its classic fall hunt sale, and i feel like starting recording horror movies on your spooky, wickedRead More →

Click to enlarge Photo: Zoe Broyles/Pennsylvania Resource Board 2021 Gene Capaldi Lens on Litter Photo Contest winner “Rachel Carson’s Dream” by Zoe Broyles Still life photography can offer a new perspective on the objects, architecture or infrastructure of everyday life. A contest will turn gender into environmentalRead More →

“Apocalypse”, Sebastien Lara Wedgewood-Houston Continue to dreamone of the most anticipated art exhibitions of the summer, opens at The spirit of the times Saturday. Levi Morales, Abraham Lara and Sebastien Lara are Watkins alumni who have created an art renaissance in South Antioch with their art, music and fashion pop-ups.Read More →

“Apocalypse”, Sebastien Lara Wedgewood-Houston Continue to dreamone of the most anticipated art exhibitions of the summer, opens at The spirit of the times Saturday. Levi Morales, Abraham Lara and Sebastien Lara are Watkins alumni who have created an art renaissance in South Antioch with their art, music and fashion pop-ups.Read More →

In music, the air of excessive sound with excitement will provide temporary pleasure and thrill; even lyrics with extreme glorification of self or a section of people in terms of gender, social status or social importance of a particular community will allow the listener to feel subjective emotions and sometimesRead More →

PRESS RELEASE: Zamorano Elementary Teacher Named CA Elementary Outstanding Visual Arts Educator of the Year PRESS RELEASE April 16, 2018 Zamorano Elementary Teacher Recognized by California Art Education AssociationArt teacher Don Masse has been named Outstanding Visual Arts Educator of the Year by CAEA SAN DIEGO (April 16, 2018) –Read More →

THE NEW IMMERSIVE audiovisual installation Kūsou/空相 not only brings together cutting-edge ancient and contemporary art forms, but also artists who live across the Pacific Ocean. As the Japanese calligraphy transforms in a mind-blowing way on a massive 20-meter-wide screen, a live computer-generated soundscape of electronically modified flute surrounds the audience.Read More →

NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati, a visual arts expert from Kathmandu, Nepal, said family photo albums illustrate alternative histories. She was talking about ‘Archive Building and Alternative Histories at The Age of the Photographer 2022’ at a one-day seminar organized by Kerala Lalithakala Akademi in association with Japan Foundation and Srishti ManipalRead More →

Two of Perth’s most exciting artists are collaborating on a unique new project, combining creative styles to tell the story of a killer spiritual assassin. The Red color is the brainchild of musician, performer and writer Moana Mayatrix and artist and designer Lucas Bowers, bringing together music, visual arts, animationRead More →

“BLOW UP: Inflatable Contemporary Art,” an imaginative traveling exhibition of large-scale inflatable works, made its way from the Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek, California to the Jepson Center. “BLOW UP is a showcase of creativity and technology, and each artist has a unique approach to this medium. It will beRead More →

“As in heaven, so on earth”, NOTSchool Kutz Nashville’s spring art season got off to a strong start – Vivienne Flesher’s paintings at Zeitgeist, Benji Anderson’s multimedia exhibit at Elephant and Mary Addison Hackett’s videos at Unrequited Leisure were early season highlights. For the month of May, the Nashville galleryRead More →

Nashville has enjoyed a winter arts calendar filled with highlights. But now it’s officially spring – arguably the busiest arts season of the year – and events on the first Saturday in April are packed with colorful offerings. Vivienne Flescher Wedgewood-Houston For April, The spirit of the times returns toRead More →

QNAP® Systems, Inc. provided Bronze Visual Art with an 8K UHD backup solution dedicated to A New Vision of National Treasures, the documentary film sponsored by the National Palace Museum in 2020. The works documented in A New Vision of National Treasures include the famous Jadeite Cabbage and Meat-Shaped Stone,Read More →

By Charles Giuliano Strict beauty: prints by Sol LeWitt is an irresistible opportunity to immerse yourself in an important aspect of the artist’s work Strict beauty: prints by Sol LeWittat the Williams College Museum of Art, Williamstown, until June 11. “In conceptual art, the idea or concept is the mostRead More →

Bill Gubbins, From This American carnage at Modfellows Gallery February is only a few days shorter than any other month, but even a few lost sunrises can make the events of the first Saturday in March seem too soon. Thankfully, we’ve been anticipating this month’s events since the end ofRead More →