Best Anime NFT Projects and Popular Anime Art Collections 2022

Are you looking for the best Anime NFT projects in 2022? Are you a passionate fan of the anime industry? Check out the popular Anime collections in 2022!

“Anime” generally refers to animation work originating in Japan, regardless of art style and production methods. Anime features distinct production methods that combine graphic art, cinematography, and characterization to entertain its viewers. Some examples of popular anime series are Naruto and Dragon Ball Z.

The anime industry is lucrative, given that projections reveal up to 26.89 billion in revenue in 2022. Interestingly, NFTs is an acronym for Non-Fungible Tokens. It refers to digital collectibles such as art and music that are tradable between owners and have distinctive characteristics that can be verified on a blockchain.

Therefore, the concept of the best anime collections involves an overview of the best Anime NFT projects that offer NFT collections tailored to the preferences of anime viewers and anime industry fans. Today’s guide features the best Anime NFT collections in 2022.

Best Anime NFT Projects: A Brief Overview

If you are an anime lover who needs a brief overview of the best Anime NFT projects in 2022, it is recommended to consider the ten anime NFT collections discussed below.

  • Karafuru
  • Azuki
  • Strength ON1
  • Hikari
  • Shonen Junk
  • Akuma origins
  • Kiwami Genesis
  • Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT
  • Matured

List of Top 10 NFT Anime Collections in 2022

Before choosing any of the best Anime NFT projects, you need to consider several factors. Some of these factors include the host blockchain where the Anime NFT resides, the fan base, the NFT user community of the NFT, and its use cases and usefulness. With that in mind, we present the list of the best Anime NFT collections in 2022 below.

1) Karafuru – Best Overall NFT Anime Collection in 2022

With an unprecedented fanbase of 326,000 Twitter followers, Karafuru remains one of the top Anime NFT projects in 2022 based on its transaction volume, which in February 2022 peaked at $73,549,252 million in sales. .

The Indonesia-based Museum of Toys is credited with creating the Karafuru NFTs. Karafuru NFTs are a collection of 5,500 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, known for their unique and distinctive characteristics. Karafuru NFTs were built from over 1,000 trait combinations comprising 12 characters with different traits.

However, the important question remains: what makes Karafuru one of the best Anime NFT collections? The answer is that an average Karafuru NFT sells for a minimum price of $1,100. More importantly, there will only be 5,500 Karafuru NFTs, which creates an artificial shortage among its 3,675 unique owners and helps drive up sale prices.

For example, Karafuru #1780 brought the owner close to $30,000. So if you’re an anime lover who wants to jump into the anime-metaverse space, fund your wallet and go for a Karafuru NFT.

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Azuki's popular NFT project with anime art collectibles

Azuki is one of the few digital brands ranked among the best Anime NFT projects in 2022. Azuki is a collection of 10,000 avatars with Anime-themed designs. Owning an Azuki grants the owner several benefits, including access to live events, NFT drops, and streetwear collaborations.

Azuki’s huge number of followers, which he garnered a few months after his debut, is also an important factor that qualifies Azuki to be ranked among the top NFT collections. And for anime lovers who might be interested in an NFT’s financial index before making a purchasing decision, Azuki remains one of the top-rated Anime NFT collections in 2022, given that it has a solid net worth of $540 million.

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3) 0N1 Force – Animated Metaverse Inspired NFT Project

NFT project inspired by anime ON1 Force Metaverse

0N1 forced the NFT following by several celebrities, such as Logan Paul, who spent over 100 ETH on an NFT, and contributed significantly to its brand and publicity. 0N1 Force features 7,777 side-profile generative characters with unique traits, especially the 100 hand-drawn traits that depict the characters defying all odds to fight for their existence.

0N1 Force NFT offers owners anime-themed PPP NFT avatars with multiple favorite features at a solid floor price of 0.4 ETH, making it one of the best Anime NFT collections in 2022.

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4) Hikari – An animated adventure-themed NFT collectible

Hikari An Anime NFT Themed Adventure Collectible

Hikari resonates with sci-fi and action-adventure themes, making it appealing to fans of popular anime shows like Naruto, Yasuke, and Dragon Ball Z. Hikari features a collection of 5,555 NFTs inspired by Anime and hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. Hikari NFT’s mint price is 0.09 ETH, and the modest price makes it an affordable addition to a user’s wallet.

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5) Shonen Junk – NFT project based on story characters

Shonen Junk Story Character-Based Anime NFT Project

several members of the anime community often regard Shonen Junk as an NFT collection that deepens the bond between the owners of the NFT and the anime industry. Shonen Junk features a collection of 9,000 Figma-created NFTs inspired by evolving characters and stories.

Shonen Junk’s collection also includes over 200 traits uniquely inspired by Shonen. A modest floor price of $233.11 makes Shonen Junk affordable, and this affordability is a factor that makes Shonen Junk one of the best Anime NFT collections in 2022.

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6) Akuma Origins – An action-themed anime NFT project

Akuma Origins An Action-Themed Anime NFT Project

Akuma’s origins goal of bridging the gap between the digital and physical world through his brand makes this one of the best anime collections in 2022. Akuma’s origins concept involves an army of 5,555 Yokai that exist on the Ethereum blockchain, which gives holders access to the realm through the portal.

The realm – which is Yokai’s metaverse – blurs the lines between the digital and physical world to create a phydigital world. Akuma Origin’s modest price tag of $233.09, its clear utility and use case roadmap, and its partnerships with anime-only communities all contribute to its ranking as one of the best Anime NFT projects in the world. 2022.

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7) Kiwami Genesis – An Animated Metaverse Avatar Themed NFT Collection

Kiwami Genesis A Metaverse Avatar Themed Anime NFT Collection

Kiwami is a collection of 10,000 metaverse-crafted avatars for next-gen artists, developers, and rule-breakers.

Holders of the Kiwami Genesis NFT get exclusive access to Kiwami’s offerings and a chance to shape the collective future of the NFT. Kiwami Genesis offers a floor price of 0.12 ETH. This affordability and Kiwami’s detailed track record for its anime-loving owners has largely influenced its rating as one of the NFT Anime collections to watch in 2022.

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Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT Popular game based on Anime NFT collection

Anime-loving video game enthusiasts tend to rate Ragnarok as the best gaming-based Anime NFT collection. Indeed, Ragnarok is easily accessible by all browsers and effectively combines Web3, the metaverse and games.

Ragnarok features a collection of 7,777 Ronin Zero NFTs, providing exclusive access to the RPG. The incentives that allow owners of the Ragnarok NFT to trade, earn, and own real estate are the main reason why Anime fans rated Ragnarok as one of the best NFT collections based on the anime.

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9) Muri – Anime NFT with trendy fashion arts

Muri Anime NFT with trendy fashion arts

As Fabrik’s new NFT project, Muri features 10,000 Anime-inspired characters, all with characteristics that define Muri’s uniqueness. These 10,000 characters feature unique accessories, trendy fashion pieces, and defense weapons.

Muri seeks to revolutionize the way NFT works by improving the development of Anime NFT Art and developing better storylines that give Anime-based NFTs a sense of purpose. More fundamentally, the fact that Muri crossed a daily volume of 9,600 ETH within seven days of its launch affirms that this is one Anime NFT collection determined to rank among the best among several others.

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10) PXN Ghost Division – An Anime NFT Project for Crypto Enthusiasts

PXN Ghost Division An Anime NFT Project for Crypto Enthusiasts

Anime enthusiasts NFT enthusiasts and crypto connoisseurs attest that PXN Ghost Division is one of the best Anime NFT collections in 2022. PXN Ghost Division offers a collection of 10,000 GHOST NFTs with utility and multiple use cases. Some use cases include exclusive access to NFT community chat rooms and a crypto marketplace known as PXN Classifieds, where selling or buying physical items is facilitated via cryptocurrency.

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The year 2022 saw the launch of several Anime NFTs, such as Muri and ON1 Force NFT, which were called the best Anime NFT collections. It is expected that several NFT collections, such as Karafuru, Muri, Azuki, and PXN Ghost Division, will model an ideal Anime NFT collection for upcoming projects that want to launch their collections.

However, in the long run, Anime’s increasing involvement in NFTs is expected to create fierce market competition for dominance and following among multiple NFT collections.

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