Altro Mondo Arte Contemporanea art collections for April

Altro Mondo Arte Contemporanea is pleased to present new exhibitions at Altro Mondo Creative Space Gallery (1159 Chino Roces Avenue, San Antonio Village, Makati City).

Marchin’ Forward is a group exhibition featuring the works of ENim, Otto Neri, Grandier Bella, Nybal, Myk Velasco, Froilan Galpo, Jepoy Sario and Waldz Villanueva.

The show highlights the positive vision of the artists despite the current crises of the world through their work. Amid the global pandemic and the economic strains caused between different countries, artists are looking to find a silver lining and a reason to keep moving forward, so to speak, into a brighter future.

Kaleidoscope is an apt title to describe the works included in Olivia d’Aboville’s ninth solo exhibition, comprised of works that feature her signature textured fabrics – fragmented pieces of silk sewn together and manipulated through shibori and dagger techniques. applied – which explode in a prismatic sea of ​​colors.

The works were inspired by a frenetic but fulfilling time for the artist, who kept her busy at home with her family. D’Aboville connects these frenetic works to her experience as a mother during the pandemic, which she describes as chaotic, upsetting, yet beautiful and exciting nonetheless. These reflections take form in the work, with d’Aboville layering textiles on textiles, resulting in works that are both unbridled and methodical in his manipulation of the mediums chosen by the artist.

Where We Land is a series of works by visual artist Tammy De Roca inspired by Virginia Woolf’s ‘To The Lighthouse’. It depicts specific memories progressing in motion, captured and relived over and over again. Starting from a single point of view, the memory split into different iterations. Said past event is then reconstructed, affecting a present experience, to create a new perspective.

De Roca explores how textures create images through paintings, sculptures and other forms. She continues to study and experiment with how our perception of appearances and images are challenged or supported by what textures represent.

Kaleidoscope and Marchin’ Forward, and Where We Land will be on view at Altro Mondo Gallery until April 23, 2022. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Visits are strictly by appointment. For any request, please contact us on Facebook (@altromondoart) or Instagram (@altromondoart).