Hyderabad artist celebrates ‘unity’ through ceramic art

March 05, 2022 11:03 p.m. STI

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India]March 5 (ANI): Kalakriti Art Gallery in Hyderabad is hosting a solo exhibition of contemporary ceramics by artist Vinod Daroz, titled ‘Aikyam: Oneness’.

Daroz, a resident of Telangana, went to Baroda to study fine arts in 1993. Sculpture was his major subject with pottery and ceramics being his minor subjects. Since then, he has been fascinated by ceramics.
Speaking to ANI, he said, “Setting up a ceramics studio requires a lot of money. An industrialist set up a ceramics studio which was a private studio and I joined him for a few years. Later, I created my own studio.”

Daroz’s contemporary take on ceramic art draws inspiration from South Indian temples and humble household items like the pestle and mortar. He added, “My work is influenced by South Indian temples. He said he has been working in ceramics for over 8 years.
“I see something new every time and I don’t get bored. This particular show here is a Shivling formation. Instead of using direct forms, I use symbols like motor and pastel, c “is a symbolic way of presenting men and women he added. Butterflies represent women and rebirth. I also love Indian textiles,” Daroz said.

“I come from a family of jewelers and I used to help my father make jewelry. This art is there in me. I use a lot of gold in my work. I never thought that ceramics would be my main art medium. My teacher Jyotsna Bhat encouraged me to choose ceramics,” he added.
“Ceramics are made of clay and I use four different types of clay in my art. Gujarat clay is a very good clay and it can withstand heat up to 1250 degrees Celsius. I use also clay from the UK. Depending on the art form, I choose clay,” he says.

“The colors are taken from metal oxides. To get the blue color, I use cobalt oxide and copper oxide for the red and green,” Daroz said.
“Hyderabad is my hometown and I have always wanted to exhibit my art here. Due to COVID, many exhibitions have been postponed,” he added.
He added: “The ceramic trade is growing in India, a few years ago there was Trienalle in Jaipur. Pottery had been in India for ages but it takes time for people to accept it as artistic medium. It’s still between craft and art. My last show was elements of mythology. (ANI)