Green City Solutions and Visual Art are building an eco-friendly DOOH network

Green City Solutions, an environmental consultancy, and Visual Art, a builder of digital communication displays, have teamed up to improve air quality in cities, while garnering media attention, according to a Press release.

The companies created the CityBreeze, with a wall of energizing green moss on one side and a 75-inch LED screen on the other. The integration of small cell and meter technology and the LED display, combined with the cool, moss-cleaned breeze, make CityBreeze ideal equipment for the expansion of smart and green cities.

CityBreeze’s vitalizing foams have been proven to filter up to 82% of fine dust from the air, according to the release.

“Cities are increasingly connected and digitized and we are proud to be part of such an innovative solution as CityBreeze,” said Maike Frölich, country manager at Visual Art Germany, in the statement.

Digital communication channels allow multiple messages to be displayed in one place. The screen on one side of the totem allows advertisers to reach targeted audiences. In combination with Visual Art’s cloud-based CMS signage player, Green City Solutions said content can be downloaded, scheduled, streamed and monitored wherever screens are placed.

“Thanks to the targeted use of our active foams, we take over existing infrastructure and renew it in an environmentally friendly way. Especially in combination with services such as external communication, rapid refinancing is possible”, says Peter Sänger, CEO of Green City Solutions. in the release. “In this way, we combine ecology and economy and generate an immediate and lasting improvement in air quality in cities.”