Ceramic Art Exhibition Opened at Delhi Defense Colony – The New Indian Express

Showcasing a shimmering assemblage of ceramic objects, “Ceramic Expressions,” an exhibition featuring 12 ceramic artists, opened to the public at Art Etc at Defense Colony on Saturday, December 4, 2021. Curated by Ekatmata Sharma, it will is the first exhibition organized by Art Etc, and will continue until today. “The idea was to bring together artists and potters that people want to see and buy. I wanted artists whose work is personal, utilitarian and enduring,” Sharma shared.

Functional creativity

Sheemita Vatasyayan, a sculptor from Delhi who has been making porcelain jewelry and tableware for about 19 years, said: “Any kind of art is therapeutic. Even though I get very tired when I get down to crafting, it takes away my fatigue. I make a lot of clothes that people can wear on a regular basis.
Proving that age is no obstacle, Uma Sawhny, an 84-year-old self-taught potter, also has a stand at the exhibition.

Although she was not present herself, her daughter, Meera, shared, “Her pieces are unique. She finds it a pleasure to be where she is. Despite many health problems, she forgets everything when she enters her workshop. Regardless of the outcome, it’s therapeutic for her to work with clay. Anil, an artist from Agra, called her work “lyrical pottery”. “I felt clay was very meditative, so I learned pottery in Delhi. My journey started there. I have an interest in literature, I love reading. About my work, you can see poetry from different poets,” she said.

Other artists who exhibit their work here are Sakshi Agarwal, Kirti Tandon, Anjali Jaggi, Megha Kanodia, Sona Srivastava, Sakshi Agarwal, Manisha Em, Seema Kalra, Seema Mohaley and Shilpi Tuli.