Click to enlarge Photo: Zoe Broyles/Pennsylvania Resource Board 2021 Gene Capaldi Lens on Litter Photo Contest winner “Rachel Carson’s Dream” by Zoe Broyles Still life photography can offer a new perspective on the objects, architecture or infrastructure of everyday life. A contest will turn gender into environmentalRead More →

Portrait Harold Cohen © Estate of Harold Cohen. Gazelli Art House has announced the representation of British-born artist Harold Cohen (1928 – 2016) who influentially created AARON, a computer program incrementally designed to produce art from code. With a career evolving during a crucial period of technological development, the artistRead More →

“Apocalypse”, Sebastien Lara Wedgewood-Houston Continue to dreamone of the most anticipated art exhibitions of the summer, opens at The spirit of the times Saturday. Levi Morales, Abraham Lara and Sebastien Lara are Watkins alumni who have created an art renaissance in South Antioch with their art, music and fashion pop-ups.Read More →

In music, the air of excessive sound with excitement will provide temporary pleasure and thrill; even lyrics with extreme glorification of self or a section of people in terms of gender, social status or social importance of a particular community will allow the listener to feel subjective emotions and sometimesRead More →